Street Carbon Series Electric Skateboard

  • Endless Summer, Ultimate Carve!

    The Carbon Street runs kilometers — 34 klicks to be exact — around its nearest competition. Bomb the biggest hill you can find with 350 watts (700 watt max output) of instant-on torque, then regenerate that power back into a nearly invisible lithium battery, as you surgically carve your way back down. The Carbon series simply tears up the pavement.

    New Loaded kegel wheels mated to Super-Carve trucks means you’re super-glued to the road! Turn on a dime? You bet!  Break loose and hang the tail out? Guaranteed! Call it the perfect weapon, pull the trigger and ride!

    A rocket-ship for the street, the Carbon Street is an epic beast that turns every day and any road into the longest, supremely kick-ass wave that only an endless summer could match.

    To convert the Street to the All Terrain setup a conversion kit can be purchased at a later date for $349 plus shipping.  Please email us for more info.

    The Evolve Skateboards App is now available! Track your rides, gauge your battery, discover local riders and tracks with the official Evolve Skateboards app. Android version coming soon.

  • DECK:  The deck construction is made from a mixture of carbon fiber and Kevlar.  It’s a unique design allowing our electrics to be incased within the deck.  It’s strong yet light.  Deck length: 43 inches/111 cm. Wheel base: 32.5 inches/82.5 cm

    TRUCKS:  Polished Chrome Evolve Super Carve with quality bushes.  These trucks are unreal and can be tweaked according to ability – designed for those who love to carve.

    WHEELS:  Choice of white Bustin Swift Freeride 77mm 78a, orange Loaded Orangutang Kegel 80mm 80a, purple Loaded Orangutang Kegel 80mm 83a OR Green ABEC 11 Flywheels 83mm 75a

    WEIGHT:  Approx. 8.5kg/18.7lbs

    MOTOR:  350 Watt (700 Watt max output) 5500RPM custom brushless motor

    BEARINGS:  Evolve Speed balls Abec 9's

    SPEED:  Approx. 38km/hr or 23m/hr

    MOTOR CONTROLLER:  Custom designed high current wireless Bluetooth motor controller, very smooth and quiet with stepless acceleration and braking.

    NOISE:  The board is very quiet.

    REMOTE:  An ergonomic hand held remote design with reverse function and battery indicator.

    BATTERY:  Custom designed 36 volt 10ah lithium polymer battery with a massive range of up to 40-45km range/charge.  Carbon fibre and kevlar battery cover.  Recharge time is 4-5 hrs.  There is a fast charger available on the spare parts tab with recharge time of approx. 2.5 hrs, this must be purchased separately.

    ACCELERATION:  Stepless throttle for complete control over speed from slow to fast.

    REGENERATIVE BRAKING:  ABS firm & smooth braking providing power back into the battery with maximum control over speed.

    LOAD:  Up to 100kgs

    Please note before buying – please read the warranty policy for the carbon deck. 

  • Shipping, uh?

    Really? Wow these things must cost a king’s ransom to send by post?

    Well, it’s not that much actually.


    You KNOW you want one, so what are you waiting for?  

    We are a UK registered company with a fulfillment warehouse located in Tarifa,  Spain. This allows our team to test all boards, year-round.  Evolve Skateboards are shipped using an overland express service from Spain, which normally takes 3 to 5 working day, door to door.

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